The Kiwi Measurement application from Lat 37 Development is a generic data collection program. It allows field technicians to capture features like fruit diameters and root collars in the field. Developed for Pocket PC, peripheral devices like vernier calipers can communicate with and store the measurement data on the handheld PC.


* Rapid survey setup

* Automatic recording of caliper data

* Customisable data capture

* Validation

* Link Orchard, Block and variety to collected data



Key Features:

* Data Transfer desktop application to and from Pocket PC.

* Robust and scaleable SQLServerCe Database on Pocket PC.

* Customisable desktop database (uses existing Orchard, Block and Variety identifiers, easily connected to corporate database).

* Capture two or three fruit measurements.

* Future upgrades to include additional features like GPS positional data capture and reporting/formula and graphing features.

* Compatibility with a variety of handheld hardware devices.

* Interface to RS232C devices.